Roger Federer crashes Andy Murray's Twitter Q&A to rip his curly hair

World No 2 asked Scot how he got his 'hair to be so curly'

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World No 4 Andy Murray was innocently hosting a question and answer session on Twitter when it was gate crashed by World No 2 Roger Federer.

The Swiss, the most successful player ever with 17 Grand Slam titles, decided to get involved in the Q&A session by jokingly asking: "how do you get your hair to be so curly" with the hashtag 'help a brother out'.

Murray responded to Federer, who was left red-faced after being lobbed by a kid in an exhibition game, by posting an embarrassing picture from his early career when he sported a much longer (and curlier) mop on his head.

He said: "Let me know if you ever want to go down this route... think it would be good for your image".

See the exchange here:

Murray has recently added Jonas Bjorkman to his coaching team - although he will start on a one week trial.