NFL star Kam Chancellor tried to purchase a gym and the employees called the police

Chancellor won't be buying a gym in Redmond, Washington anytime soon

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Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor said that gym employees called police when he attempted to purchase the business.

Chancellor, a Super Bowl champion and 4-time Pro Bowler, paid a visit to the Redmond Athletic Club in Washington with the intention of buying the closed down gym. However, two female employees noticed the athlete looking through a glass window and called police on him.

"They told the cops I was trying to rob the place because I was looking into the glass asking for help. I took a picture of the two employees," Chancellor wrote on Twitter. "Good thing the cops know I'm a good guy and stealing isn't in my blood. I work for everything I get."

The Redmond Police Department said that the incident was a misunderstanding in the following statement to Deadspin.

"On March 2nd, 2016 at 4:25pm, Redmond Police Dispatch received a 911 call from a local gym. Two female employees were inside the closed facility alone and reported that five adults were outside their facility, some were pounding on the door and looking in the windows with cameras, as if they were trying to gain entry. The employees reported they weren’t exactly sure what was going on, but the individuals did not appear to be leaving, even though the gym was closed for business."

After the incident, Chancellor continued tell his side of the story.