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Where young people can start learning the Navy way of life
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The Sea Cadets are the oldest British youth movement. Their early origins can be traced back to the late 18th Century, when sailors returning home from war formed the Naval Lads Brigades to help orphans. The Navy League, a branch of the Royal Navy, adopted these Brigades in 1910

Nowadays, the Sea Cadets function as a youth charity based on the Royal Navy, offering young people the chance to enjoy action-packed activities from boating, sailing, canoeing, adventure training and several other sports. However, the Sea Cadets do not solely involve themselves in sporting activities; they organise educational activities for their members as well. As a Sea Cadet, a young person can learn skills in cookery, computing, engineering, navigation and all aspects of seamanship. They can also train to be a band musician or participate in a Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Sea Cadets also get the opportunity to travel extensively, including trips in Royal Navy warships and helicopters. There are training centres all over the country that enable Sea Cadets to take part in nationwide exchange schemes. There is also the opportunity to travel internationally via the International Sea Cadet Association. The international league of the Cadet Corps has links all over the world, in places such as Australia, Bermuda, the United States, Canada and South Africa.

Young people from 12 to18 can join the Sea Cadets and start learning the Navy way of life. Those who perform well can earn the status of Cadet Petty Officer. There is also the Marine Cadet Detachment that will introduce the commando skills of the Royal Marines.

The aim of the Sea Cadets is to help young people towards responsible adulthood by encouraging valuable personal attributes and high standards of conduct using a nautical theme based on Naval customs. While more than 20% of the new recruits in the Royal Navy are Sea Cadets, there are no obligations for Sea Cadets to join the Navy and many Sea Cadets find that their activities in this organisation place them in a very favourable light with prospective employers and university interviewers.

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