INDYA-Z Careers

Freelance photographer

Ed Kevill-Davies, 24, is a freelance photographer. He graduated with a degree in Photography from the London College of Communication in 2007

Fashion editor

Shelly Vella is fashion director at Cosmopolitan. Danielle Radojcin is fashion editor at

Events management

The fast-approaching London Olympics mean there's another exciting reason to get involved in events management

Cruise staff

The continuing success of the cruise industry makes it a fantastic training ground for the managers of tomorrow


The UK hospitality industry offers a variety of career opportunities. Bob Cotton gives his advice on how to get a slice of the action


There are many ways of enhancing your job prospects as you look towards a career in aerospace

Offshore helicopter pilot

The offshore helicopter sector is an oasis of success in difficult times for the aviation industry

Mining engineer

Highly trained engineers are required for a sustainable mining industry


Pilot demand has increased steadily with low-cost airlines, growth in the business jet market, open-skies agreements and demand from India, the Middle East and Far East. However, the absence of airline-sponsored pilot training persists. Most civil pilots are self-funded; although there are a few smaller bursaries available to help with some aspects of the training, you will need to fully finance your training costs, choosing between taking the integrated route (intensive training from scratch through to a commercial pilot’s licence) or the modular route (which can be completed at a slower pace and is usually cheaper). Many airlines, although not all, state a preference for integrated pilot training. However, this is a difficult option with huge costs of around £75,000, so do seek impartial advice from organisations such as the RAeS or Gapan.

Nursing: Mental health

Working with a team of professionals, mental health nurses provide essential care for service users.

Nursing: Paediatrics

More nurses are required to care for newborn babies, children and young adults.

Gaming: Console yourself

If you’ve played video games all your life, why not turn it into a career by creating them?