Getting a Job

6 sites you need to know for internship opportunities

If you want to get ahead in your studies and further your CV before leaving university then internships are the thing for you. Work placements are invaluable and will help you gain relevant experience in your field, build a great contact list and could potentially lead to employment when you graduate. So here’s our top list of sites to help you get your foot on the career ladder of your choice.

Learning to code: How advanced computer skills could really boost your

Learning to code might just be the single hottest thing to do this Autumn. It seems that you can’t look at a newspaper at the moment without reading about a successful young tech entrepreneur and how important the kind of skills they have will be in the future. “Introduction to Programming” is the most popular course at Harvard University, while back in the UK coding is on the national curriculum from this autumn.

Top tips to build a stand-out CV this Easter

Easter is often seen as the last major opportunity for some final intensive exam revision but it’s also a great time to work on some clever tactics that will help beef up your CV. It will give you a break from the monotony of cramming, help you create a stand out profile and you’ll have fun whilst learning and building new skills.