Getting a Job

Student career advice: What your next employer will be looking for in

As conversation turns to New Year’s resolutions and best intentions for the year ahead, plenty of you may be thinking about applying for new - or first - jobs. With competition still tough, how do you make sure you’re giving yourself the best possible chance and really differentiating yourself from the rest for the right reasons? There are four things which will be high on the agendas of all employers in 2015, and which will therefore be important for all young jobseekers to bear in mind.

Learning to code: How advanced computer skills could really boost your

Learning to code might just be the single hottest thing to do this Autumn. It seems that you can’t look at a newspaper at the moment without reading about a successful young tech entrepreneur and how important the kind of skills they have will be in the future. “Introduction to Programming” is the most popular course at Harvard University, while back in the UK coding is on the national curriculum from this autumn.

Don't waste the holidays: Top tips for nailing that student summer job

With the end in sight for most students (sorry medics!), many of us are facing up to four months of parental glares, painful hangovers and perpetual omnibuses of Come Dine With Me. If you’re hoping to break the monotony and earn some cash, then it’s time to start searching for a summer job.

Student summer jobs: How to avoid being stitched up by unscrupulous

The summer’s approaching; exams will soon be out of the way. While a well deserved break might be the order of the day, the bank of mum and dad might feel that some productive employment - paid or unpaid - might be a better use of your time before you return to your studies in the autumn.

Tough Young Teachers review: How like teaching is it really?

BBC Three’s recent six-part documentary follows the lives of six new graduates embarking on their first teaching job. The premise seems like simple enough, if not slightly tame for a channel more known for highlighting the wilder side of modern youth on Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents than promoting graduate recruitment. However, as each episode’s introduction notes, “there is a catch – they’ve only had six weeks of teacher training before being unleashed on the kids.”

I want your job: Transport logistics

'Logistics' has a reputation for being about grimy trucks and warehouses - but it's actually a dynamic, vibrant career. We spoke to DHL's head of fuel intelligence, Ian MacAulay, to find out how he got his career