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Gap Year

A unique platform

The Government-funded volunteer programme Platform2 sends UK youths to developing countries in South America and Africa - fancy applying for the trip of a lifetime?

Any volunteers?

Let’s face it, being a volunteer isn’t always seen as the most glamorous thing to do in your spare time – or, perhaps, during your gap year – but there are students out there making it an award-winning extra-curricular activity.

Into the wild

Starting your degree in January gives you an extra three months for an exciting stopgap. Amy McLellan runs through the options

Gap year: volunteering advice

How do you get the most out of a gap year if your heart is set on volunteering? Anne Giacomantonio gets advice from an expert

How to be a modern day Mowgli

Hearing the call of the wild, Chris Green headed off to work with wolves – and learnt why he should worry when they wag their tails

An inspiring gap year

Chrissie Stockting, 22, graduated from Southampton University last year with a degree in music. Earlier this year, she became a Raleigh International Venturer in a team of 120 volunteers and spent 10 weeks in Tampasak, a small village in Malaysian Borneo. She tells us why ‘potential employers are noticeably impressed’ by her time off.