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Why student opinion should carry more weight than university

The importance of the student voice has come under fire in recent weeks with poor turnouts reported in student union elections. The low turnouts might be an indicator of political apathy, but the opinionated nature of the student remains, which is a good omen for the future of university reviews.

Rock on – careers in geology

Helen Wickens, 28, is a production geologist at Shell, based in Aberdeen. She talked to us about her study of geology, enthusiasm for volcanoes and thoughts on this week’s Big Bang science fair.

Right wrongs with resits

If you’ve underachieved and failed to meet your targets, why not have another go at your exams, says Lucy Tobin

A-level results: it's a family affair

For all families life can get complicated when you’re waiting for A-level results. Liz Lightfoot talks to Roberta Georghiou and her daughters Tabitha and Helena about how they coped with dropped grades, sibling rivalry and having a headmistress as a mother

How to choose a university

There’s more to think about than simply what course you want to study; there might be any number of institutions that offer the subject you’re interested in, so how do you decide between them? These tips will point you in the right direction.