Top tips for students doing voluntary holiday work

Volunteer work can be a great way to travel. And by this I do not mean the kind of neo-colonial “I as one man will save the entire developing world” type of trip. I mean the kind of program where you trade real labour for free food and accommodation. This kind of voluntary work can range from working on an organic farm, or as a nanny to building walls for a castle.

Seven smart steps to holidaying on a student budget

Every student entertains the idea of jetting off to sun and fun with their mates in the summer. But as loans dry up, there’s only so much cash to hand to fund such an expedition. Here are some useful tips to help enjoy your own happy budget holiday:

Getting piste on the cheap: The art of the budget weekend student

Deadlines and bills can knock most students down to breaking point. With little enjoyment left in life, money can serve as a comfort, going out and splurging cash on a fancy meal or a new outfit can provide a temporary solution. However, forking out for a long weekend on the slopes is a resort many have to turn to in the search for a less temporary solution to new years depression as a student. A high adrenaline holiday is enough to take anyone’s minds off of the stresses of student life.