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App review: Spritz is an incredible way to comprehend all those huge

Other than costing a large percentage of your student loan, your textbooks also tend to have the terrible flaw of having a large amount of words in them - all of which you have to read and comprehend. Not only is reading several 1,000-page textbooks going to leave you with a large headache, it also takes the valuable time out of your life in which you could be watching films or reading a book which is actually of interest to you. Fear not however, as the new Spritz app is here to save the day.

Ten great free education apps for the iPad

There are now more than 200,000 education apps available to download on the app store. If you laid them all end-to-end, they wouldn’t reach very far, because in physical terms they’re nothing more than electronic patterns on tiny little magnets in your iPad – but there are still a huge amount with variety to suit every taste.

Game review: Pure

Format: PC, PS3, Xbox 360; Publisher: Disney; Price: £39.99

The alternative student olympics

Swifter, higher, stronger. The Olympic motto has never been more apt – with London 2012 next up, now is the time to go for gold with our alternative events, says Dan Poole