Al Pacino

Righteous Kill (15)

In the police procedural thriller Righteous Kill, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro play what must be the two oldest homicide cops on the beat in New York City.

The way we live now, by Peter York: Seriously bling

The point about bling is that everything's meant to register as seriously expensive. Magnums of Cristal, Maybach limos, private jets, Vertu jewelled cell phones. All branded. It's the absolute opposite of anything thoughtful, middle-class, laid-back or drabbed-off. The original bling boys were from the roughest projects in the Bronx or Chicago Southside and they wanted what they'd seen in films and ads, without the remotest ironic take on it. (Over-educated, lucky people often have an ironic take on bling, like the heir to an earldom who has valuable photographs of his 1990s black idols in his drawing room).