The 10 Best ski apps

Skiers can now have information on maps, avalanche conditions, or even the time they spend in the air in a jump, on their phones...

Ben Ainslie in unstoppable form in Falmouth

Ben Ainslie, just as part of lining himself up for a fifth Olympic medal and a fourth consecutive gold, is in unstoppable form at the world championship regatta being staged for the Finn singlehanders in Falmouth.

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The white stuff: If you're fed up with winter then seek out the

I picked the first snowdrops from our garden on Boxing Day, which, though cold, was not snowy. I was so buoyed up by the flowers sitting on the kitchen table, with ivy leaves and catkins, I set out on a mammoth walk, which kept me outside from nine until four, when the light was just beginning to drift out of our valley. There was a vague thought in the back of my mind that I might find more snowdrops in the woods around us. There weren't any then, but it didn't matter. They've caught up now.