Smoking: 10 best charcoal barbecues

Afficionados swear by food sizzled over charcoal.  Whether you want to grill, smoke or even roast, we find a barbie that will have your outdoor cooking sorted

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From food in Ibiza, Catalonia and Hampshire to the Croissant Neuf festival in Wales

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The Lawn Bistro, 67 High Street, London SW19

The actual tennis of Wimbledon is played in Southfields, two Tube stops away from the famous suburb, but that doesn't stop the world and his tennis partner from descending on the Village like the Assyrians on Jerusalem. What they find to eat when they arrive can be uninspiring. For every good, reliable restaurant (such as San Lorenzo Fuoriporto at the bottom of the hill), there are too many yawn-making gastropubs, chains and iffy spice houses.