Benazir Bhutto

Haider says he has given ICC proof of plot to fix matches

Zulqarnain Haider, the Pakistan wicketkeeper who has applied for asylum in the UK, says he has handed over two letters to the ICC's anti-corruption unit that were given to him in Dubai by third parties seeking to fix two one-day internationals against South Africa.

Haider explains his position to PCB

The Pakistan Cricket Board chairman has spoken to Zulqarnain Haider and assured him of its full co-operation after the wicketkeeper left the squad in Dubai and went to London where he has applied for asylum.

Robert Fisk: Pakistan's advocates of justice

The top judge is again on a collision course with the country's political leaders, this time over corruption. Robert Fisk reports from Islamabad on the judiciary's battle to uphold due process and the rule of law

One year on, Pakistan issues Benazir Bhutto coin

It is difficult to escape Benazir Bhutto's image in Pakistan. Since the former prime minister's assassination in a suicide attack last December, vast portraits have come to adorn government buildings, bridges, billboards and supporters' cars across the country. And now Pakistanis will only have to reach into their pockets to see her face.

Musharraf announces resignation

Pakistan's beleagured president Pervez Musharraf today finally fell on his sword and announced that he was standing down as the country's head of state.

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Pakistan's pro-Musharraf party concedes defeat in elections

Pakistan's president Pervez Musharraf is facing perhaps his toughest political challenge after his parliamentary allies admitted defeat in an election poised to change the country's balance of power. The result has already raised questions about Mr Musharraf's political future.

Bhutto widower open to Musharraf power share

Benazir Bhutto's husband and political successor has said the assassinated prime minister's party is prepared to share power with President Pervez Musharraf after next week's elections, but warned his supporters could take to the streets in protest if the ballot is rigged.

The best press photos of the year

An image by the British photographer Tim Hetherington of a fatigued US soldier in Afghanistan has won top prize in the international World Press Photo awards.

Bhutto's son faces press and a Paxman inquisition

Benazir Bhutto's teenage son faced some abrasive questions from Jeremy Paxman yesterday as he asked the media to respect his privacy and let him continue his studies at Oxford University in peace.