Boy George

My Secret Life: Scott Capurro, comedian, 48

My parents were... practically strangers when they married. My mother was in love with someone else, and my father couldn't keep his hands off her. Once over the threshold, she became his maid.

Cultural Life: Boy George, singer

Music: I'm digging Laura Marling, Nocturne The Blonde, Hurts, Sister Crayon, Chairlift and, of course, the gorgeous Adele who has a touch of Dusty Springfield about her. My Spotify playlist goes from Glasvegas to Jimmy Scott, lots of David Bowie from all decades and even a dash of Julio Iglesias and Goran Bregovic! Oh, and Timi Yuro, who seems to have been forgotten but what a voice!

Agenda: Fashion: Clarks; Elizabeth Olsen; Portlandia; Mixed Grill;

Forget socks and sandals: Clarks has long since given fustiness a good kicking thanks to the retro chic of its Originals line. Its spring/summer 2011 collection is especially inviting, with limited-edition versions of designs including funky variations on its desert boot (below) and Laura Ashley providing pastels, prints and whimsy. Modishly, the line will be housed from tomorrow until 20 February in its own pop-up shop in the Clarks Piccadilly branch, which will also host a roster of up-and-coming bands and DJs.

New Release: Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, Record Collection,

Amy Winehouse may be reportedly peeved at Mark Ronson's taking too much credit for her success, and piggybacking his own solo career on that success, but she shouldn't worry overmuch about him stealing her vocal limelight: for as Record Collection brutally reveals, the über-producer of his era turns out to be an ünter-singer, his weedy vocals here failing to bring to life any song on which he takes the lead.

My Secret Life: Matthew Horne, Actor & comedian, 31

My parents were ... kind, caring, and not too nosy. My mother, Glenis, was a nursery nurse, and ended up working as a special-needs' class assistant. My father, Brian, was the manager of a lace factory in Nottingham.

Calmer chameleon: Boy George on doing drugs, doing time and stomping

A year after his release from prison, Boy George is enjoying a renaissance. Two years clean, playing to packed-out audiences, with a new single out, and a biographical BBC film on the way, he is finally ready to admit he has grown up. Just don't ask if he's sorry for anything...

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