Brendan Barber

Alexander's warning raises union anger

Talks aimed at averting a wave of strikes in the autumn were on a knife-edge last night after the Government repeated its warning that most public sector workers would have to work longer and pay more towards their retirement.

Union fury at pensions 'bomb'

Union leaders threatened to walk away from talks over pensions reform today after the Government detailed plans to require most public sector employees to work longer and pay more for less generous entitlements in retirement.

UK unemployment total falls by 88,000

The Government today welcomed an "encouraging" fall in unemployment and a rise in jobs although unions expressed concern about huge cuts among the public sector workforce.

Roy Jackson: High-ranking TUC official who built up a nationwide

Roy Jackson, the former Assistant General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress, was widely respected throughout the movement as one of the leading movers in building up a nationwide system of trade union education. Over 30,000 trade unionists a year would complete the courses he instituted.

Cameron and Osborne vow to stick with cuts

David Cameron and George Osborne today insisted they would stick to their spending cuts programme despite deepening economic gloom and renewed threats of coordinated strike action.

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Reconciliation, annihilation, terrorism: leaders' New Year messages

The leader of North Korea held out a rare olive branch in his New Year message yesterday calling for a "lasting peace" on the Korean peninsula. However, Kim Jong-il tempered the goodwill by warning that his country's military would also continue to prepare itself for fighting through "prompt, merciless and annihilatory action".

Osborne softens 'tough' stance on bank bonus rules

George Osborne, the Chancellor, wants backing from EU finance ministers before imposing new bank bonus rules, in what is being seen as a further attempt to downplay the Government's "tough on banks" stance in response to City pressure.