Brunch on Saturday

This week in Saturday Brunch, make buckwheat pancakes with passion fruit and banana, or dine out on dish of confit duck

Brunch on Saturday: Bristol's Brew cafe

As part of our new Brunch on Saturday series, we are recommending our favourite places around the country to eat the best-loved meal of the day. First, the south-west’s biggest city, Bristol, with one of Clifton’s most exciting antipodean-style offerings

Egg and bacon toast muffins, recipe

Breakfast has always been the most important meal of the day, and now it‘s the most fashionable too. As the first in our new series, Indy Brunch on Saturday, we have selected a classic brunch recipe to try at home

Letter from the editor: i meets you

I wrote yesterday about a focus group exercise in which the participants are invited to give i human characteristsics, and this challenge has been taken up by some of our readers.

48 Hours In: Montreal

Spring is in the air in this impressive Canadian city, where the accent is French, the cuisine sophisticated and the cycling superb.

The late show: Mark Hix's Boxing Day brunch recipes

I know that I'm a few days early here, but last week I gave you recipes for an alternative Christmas lunch, so this week I want to look slightly ahead to a delicious brunch for Boxing Day or New Year's Day.

Spiced tomato soup with horseradish

Cold soups in the summer are often overlooked but they make a refreshing dinner party starter. In the following recipes I have tried to combine the flavours, textures and colours of summer so that you can suitably impress your dinner guests without too much fuss.

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