Carlos Tevez

James Lawton: This prodigal son deserves no forgiveness

Now that the Suarez affair has dragged football into ultimate ignominy – the worry of a bank that its image is being tarnished by association with Liverpool Football Club (it's a bit like Al Capone complaining about the exorbitant cost of a glass of rye) – you have to wonder if the reputation of the English game has much further to fall.

Mancini interested in cut-price De Rossi

Manchester City are monitoring Daniele de Rossi's protracted contract negotiations at Roma and believe that £5m may be enough to secure a deal for a player in whom manager Roberto Mancini has a keen interest.

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Tevez faces fine after defying club to fly home

Carlos Tevez will be in breach of his contract yet again and liable for another two-week fine unless the striker - who arrived in Buenos Aires on an unscheduled visit yesterday - attends training in Manchester at 10.30 this morning.