Charles Dickens

Film review: The Invisible Woman - Ralph Fiennes stars in the love

Performing admirably both behind and in front of the camera Ralph Fiennes depicts Charles Dickens as a boisterous man so taken with his own celebrity that he believes he can hide his affair with a young actress (Felicity Jones) from the press. This is a film of two strands. As a treatise on how celebrity can delude it is excellent, but Fiennes is initially less sure-footed when dealing with the central secret romance.

The superstitious Charles Dickens comes to light

The superstitious nature of Britain's greatest writer has come to light thanks to the sale of an inscribed first edition of Charles Dickens's favourite novel with its own intriguing backstory.

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Experts ridicule minister's 'Dickens by 11' demands

The Schools Minister has great expectations of Britain's 11-year-olds, singling out Charles Dickens's classic as one of the books all children should read before they leave primary school. But on the eve of Dickens's 200th birthday, his biographer warned that young readers do not have the attention span to appreciate his work.