Cola Drinks

The Ideas Factory: From old hacks to fizzy-pop pioneers - five

In journalism, some techniques are timeless – from having shorthand to knowing how to ask probing questions. But when producing news, technology is ever-changing. A journalism tutor at Florida Atlantic University wondered what would happen if he gave his students the task of producing a paper using pre-desktop publishing techniques; from typing a first draft on a typewriter to mixing inks. The results were mixed, as you'd expect from kids used to being able to copy and paste at a keystroke, rather than with actual paste. But all the students learned how difficult it was to work in a newsroom in an age before Quark and Photoshop.

The Championship players to watch

The Coca-Cola Championship starts this weekend and with Premier League palates a little jaded by the excess of money and the likelihood that we could all guess the top four already, there's perhaps never been a better time for the BBC to begin it's coverage of England's second tier.

Beale's Best In Show: Coca-cola (Santo)

The most famous creative in British advertising is an Argentine (flay yourself if you've never heard of Fallon's Juan Cabral, the only man to bring back a Cannes Grand Prix to these shores last week).