Tales from the Trees: Ancient stirrings on the trail of Scotland's

Dawn blooms and stirs the trees of Abernethy Forest into life. This far north, winter still battles spring for the primeval ground. Mist hangs between incalculable ranks of pines; silver light spills and glimmers over a deep carpet of green moss, russet blaeberry and frost-tipped ling. A waist-high ants' nest bubbles from the ground. From the corner of my eye, a pine bough appears to ripple as a red squirrel skitters along. Then the birds strike up: coal tits, a greenfinch and, from somewhere imperceptible in the thin fog, the cork-popping aria of a male capercaillie.

The Last Word: Springbok great, Joost van der Westhuizen, now tackles

Joost van der Westhuizen is barely intelligible but extraordinarily expressive. He is physically diminished yet spiritually enriched. On this, rugby union's showpiece weekend in the northern hemisphere, he redefines notions of heroism and encourages his successors to pause and recalibrate.

Relationships: Oh those suspicious minds

There was sad news for lovers of both Otis the Aardvark and, er, Hound Dogs when representatives of both Priscilla Presley (widow of one Elvis) and television presenter Toby Anstis were forced to deny that the two were loving each other, tenderly or otherwise.

Fjord focus this winter

Matt Carroll heads to a little-known Norwegian wonderland for perfect powder on the pistes

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