Botswana Joins the Giants Club Initiative

On 11th November, the elephant conservation charity Space for Giants and Botswana’s High Commissioner to the UK, hosted a launch party at Northcliffe House, the offices of The Independent and Evening Standard in London.

The right way to save Africa's elephants

Chad's Zakouma National Park has had rare success in the battle against ivory poachers. Ahead of a talk at the Royal Geographical Society, park director Rian Labuschange reveals how he did it

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Debate: Should ivory stockpiles be destroyed?

The United States has done it. The Philippines and China too. Even Hong Kong has said it will destroy some of its contraband ivory. But ahead of a conservation conference in London next month where world leaders will descend to seek a solution to wildlife crime, the debate about the future of stockpiles is set to heat up.

Protesters lock horns with China over ivory as campaigners look into

Gone are the days when a “Save the Rhino” advert was enough. Only about 25,000 rhinos are left in the wild, and thanks to poaching the species is critically endangered. Now, in an effort to drive down demand, conservationists are working on campaigns to understand what makes rhino horn consumers tick.