Green Politics

A first test for the other Miliband

Well, they asked for it – and now they've got it. In 2007 the Government decided to go with the bright idea of a legally-binding programme for reducing its greenhouse gases step by step, and a powerful independent committee to oversee the process. Yesterday the committee, chaired by Adair Turner, came up with its recommendations, and it may have caused a few gulps in Whitehall. The targets it proposed are the toughest in the world.

Sian Berry: Will the woman described as 'environmental Viagra' turn us

Where are the Greens when you need them? The climate-change clock is ticking, and globally, we're told, it's 10 to midnight. Locally, outside London's grand Methodist Central Hall, it's definitely 7.12pm, but there's still no sign of Sian Berry. The London Citizens' mayoral hustings is starting in three minutes and the audience has piled through the doors, bombarded on their way by political flyers of every colour... except Green. Where has she got to? Is she riding here by milk float?