Ian Blair

Met loses diary that may have proven former chief's links to Rupert

Scotland Yard has lost crucial documents which would have disclosed whether the former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Lord Stevens, frequently met senior News of the World executives while he was in office, including an editor at the tabloid who is alleged to have been involved in the illegal hacking of emails.

Orde applies for top Met job

One of Britain's top police officers has sent a deadline day application to become Scotland Yard's next Commissioner.

Beefeater boss says he was framed

A cannabis plant was used to discredit the former governor of the Tower of London during an inquiry into bullying of the first female Beefeater, an employment tribunal has heard.

Sir Paul Stephenson: Officer whose ambition knew no bounds

Sir Paul Stephenson's reputation for tough talking and careful judgement fast-tracked him to the top. But it was his judgement in the end that would prove his downfall, after a series of damaging revelations over the Met's handling of the News of the World phone-hacking affair.

IPCC: No cover-up by G20 police

The police watchdog found no evidence of any attempt by the police to cover up Ian Tomlinson's death at the G20 protests, a report revealed today.

Griffith Vaughan Williams: Champion of gay rights who fought

Griffith Vaughan Williams was a passionate advocate for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people. He was described by the historian Keith Howes as "passionately, noisily committed to gay rights but never pompous or elitist; always politely eloquent, even at his most bombastic. His was a powerful gay voice, devoted to truth and equality." Determined to uncover and expose the extent of violence against homosexuals, he worked often with the police and his robust, in-your-face, thorough questioning of police practices led to much improved relations between the Metropolitan police and the gay community.

Robert Fisk: What I learned the day I took tea with Ian Blair

Not long after the 34-day Hizbollah-Israel war in 2006 – in which Israel reached its now almost routine scorecard of killing about 1,300 Lebanese, most of them civilians (the Hizbollah killed 130 Israelis, most of them soldiers) – I received a long letter from a man called Blair.

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The new faces at the House of Lords

Mr Big Society to be youngest in Lords

Nat Wei, the 33-year-old former business consultant dubbed David Cameron's Mr Big Society, will become the youngest member of the House of Lords in a role spearheading a new culture of volunteering in Britain.