Jane Austen

10 of the best lines from Pride and Prejudice

Jean Burnett is the author of Who Needs Mr Darcy? To celebrate the release of her latest work The Bad Miss Bennet abroad - here she chooses 10 of the best lines from perhaps what is Jane Austen's best-loved work, Pride and Prejudice.

Arifa Akbar: Does a book make its title or the other way around?

Remember the good old days when titles of novels were nothing more than, well, titles, rather than marketing manoeuvres? Wuthering Heights denoted the place where the book was set. The Canterbury Tales were tales told by pilgrims on the way to – yes – Canterbury. Crime and Punishment was about just that. Madame Bovary was the doomed titular figure on which the tragedy was based. King Lear, Hamlet – same deal.

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