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Kan's resignation to bring Japan its sixth PM in five years

Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan has told his cabinet he will step down and dissolve his government next week, signalling another turn of the country's political merry-go-round. Analysts say Japan will have a new leader by next Tuesday.

Japan orders compensation for nuclear plant evacuees

Japan's government ordered the operator of a tsunami-damaged nuclear plant today to pay £7,330 to each household forced to evacuate because of leaking radiation, but some of the displaced criticised the handout as too little.

Japan returns to zero rates

The Bank of Japan pledged to pump ¥5 trillion (£38bn) into the struggling economy and returned to a zero interest-rate policy yesterday, surprising markets with a fresh dose of economic stimulus.

Nintendo 3DS delay casts gloom over games giant

Nintendo's struggle to bring its hotly anticipated 3D-capable player to the market has sparked concerns over the outlook for the company, with sales of its existing products sliding in key US and European markets.

Sumo under siege

As a stable master awaits trial for the death of a young apprentice he allegedly ordered to be beaten, David McNeill talks exclusively to the sport's first European champion about the scandals that plague it

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