Jason Statham

Meet the shock jocks of cinema

They love films that have been roundly panned – and give the thumbs down to critically-adored movies like District 9. Tim Walker on the new rebel critics

Pandora: Britpop's screen queen

In a development that's likely to send shockwaves through London's Primrose Hill Set, the former Britpop singer Pearl Lowe's revealing memoir All That Glitters is getting the movie treatment. Lowe (whose book reveals, among other things, the infamous wife-swapping episode involving her, Sadie Frost and Jude Law) has met director John McKay for discussions which she says are "quite far down the line."

Edward Norton: The incredible sulk

It's one of the summer's biggest blockbusters, and he's one of Hollywood's biggest stars. But now Edward Norton has fallen out with the film's producers. Rob Sharp uncovers a monstrous row