Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey: 'Music was my escape'

Controversy never seems far from Mariah Carey – so she's hoping that a fresh foray into acting will generate more positive headlines

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Everlasting Moments is the latest in a line of films to focus on the fine art of the photograph. Kaleem Aftab celebrates cinema's sharpest shooters

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Shane Meadows' 'This Is England' captures England during the 1980's for those working-class British men who became disillusioned. 'Battle in Heaven' is a Mexican film about this old couple who kidnap a baby. 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly' is about life after a stroke.

Album: Mariah Carey, E=MC2 (Def Jam)

With her trademark trills and mirror-shattering birdsong, you could almost believe nothing's changed in Mariah's world. But the days when she was a top-ranking superstar are in the past.

U2 sweeps board at Grammy awards

The record also earned the band the best rock album title, while they won song of the year and best rock performance for Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own.