Dean Burnett, The Idiot Brain: 'Lifting the lid on our grey matter'

Dean Burnett, a neuroscientist and Guardian blogger, renders the workings of the brain accessible to lay people without being patronising. In The Idiot Brain, he undertakes a journey through the workings of this most complex organ, covering many aspects of the brain’s function. Burnett has a sideline as a stand-up comedian, and this is obvious from the quips with which he lightens his writing. The result is a factual book that is far removed from other dry scientific tomes. The chapters are subdivided into shorter sections, which also eases digestibility.

The killer: 'Loner' medical student who opened fire and left his

James Holmes described himself as “a quiet and easy-going medical student” on the application form he filled out last May before renting a third-floor apartment in a brick-walled building a stone's throw from the University of Colorado's sprawling hospital campus.

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