Norman Tebbit

Best Seat in the House, By Frank Johnson Edited by Virginia Fraser

How, one wonders, would Frank Johnson have reviewed this book of his collected columns? His style is infectious, but very much his own, and other political satirists, essayists and commentators who have tried to imitate him over the past 30-odd years have never come close.

'I forgive my dad's killer'

After her father was murdered in the IRA bombing of Brighton's Grand Hotel in 1984, Jo Berry began a remarkable journey that has culminated in her working alongside the man sentenced for the attack

Rushdie attacks censorship – while trying to stifle criticism of

Sir Salman Rushdie has accused his publisher of censorship at the same time as trying to prevent the release of a book that criticises him. The novelist, who spent nearly a decade under a fatwa from the Iranian government after the publication of The Satanic Verses in 1988, attacked Random House for pulping a historical novel about the Prophet Mohamed for fear of offending Muslims.