Package Holiday

Ask the Traveller: volcanic-ash cloud

I just heard someone on the radio say that, if I booked a package holiday, I would be looked after whatever happened with the volcanic-ash cloud from Iceland. From what I heard about last year's event, I'm not sure he's right. Is he?

Ask the traveller: Cruise fuel surcharge

Without sight of the exact contract you signed with the company, it's impossible to say for certain – but it's safe to say that the typical terms-and-conditions of the cruise companies includes a clause to say, basically, "If the price we pay for fuel rises, we reserve the right to pass that extra cost on to you."

Not-so-happy campers may bring an end to the Pontin's era

It was a time before the British holidaymaker had even heard of the Costa del Sol, and when the package holiday abroad was a mere twinkle in the eye of a man called Vladimir Raitz who pioneered the idea of chartering planes and booking hotels en masse for the ordinary Briton.

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Rebels with a cause – and plenty of joy

The sixth African Soul Rebels package tour brings together three of Africa's most radical artists, Oumou Sangare, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo and the Kalahari Surfers.

Observations: Vegas is right at home in Spain

Johnny Vegas is lying on a sun lounger by a dazzling blue pool. We are at the Solana Hotel, the location for Benidorm, ITV1's raucously entertaining sitcom about a group of dysfunctional Brits who run riot on the same all-inclusive package holiday every summer.