Paris Hilton

Drag Me to Hell - Don't lose your head

Sam Raimi's 'Drag Me to Hell' is leading a renaissance in the horror genre. Jaded by torture porn, Kaleem Aftab celebrates a return to more cerebral films that reveal the inner demons

No way to win friends: Is Paris Hilton's latest show is the nadir of

Might Paris Hilton bring about the death of reality television as we know it? The perky, blonde, Barbie-doll heiress with a neat line in catchphrases – namely, "that's hot" and the coolly simpered "TTYN" (Talk To You Never) – makes for an unlikely harbinger of media meltdown. But with one bat of her mink false eyelashes and a sweep of her impeccably tanned and toned arm, she might just have sent a once mighty broadcasting edifice tumbling.

Fashion on trial: Our verdict on some infamous cases in the courtroom

What could possibly be more innocent than this outfit? Knox, the Seattle-born woman suspected of murdering British student Meredith Kercher, is only 21 and has dressed for her court appearance in Perugia, Italy, like the student that she is. She wears a waist-length, white cotton smock top, which has red and blue flowers printed along the neckline, over a pair of blue denim jeans. Her hair is tied up in the schoolgirl-ish style, with the top half tied back off her bare face and secured with a purple plastic butterfly clip, and the rest loose. Her entire outfit makes her look completely out of place in the Italian courtroom or flanked by policemen.

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