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The 10 Best corkscrews

Don’t hide it at the back of a drawer. Once a simple thing, the waiter’s friend is now a hi-tech piece of kitchen kit...

The Big Six: Celebrity stays

The tiny island of Parrot Cay in the Turks & Caicos archipelago is a favourite of A-listers including Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Bruce Willis. So much so, several of them own villas here, clustered away from the main resort in a corner known as Rocky Point. The Sanctuary, owned by yoga-loving fashion designer Donna Karan, is available to rent to non-celebrity guests, with 11 bedrooms and views of Parrot Cay's white beaches.

Competition result: The peacock and the mouse come out on top

One is a beautiful and vain peacock; the other, a dirty field mouse. Together this unusual pairing has won first prize in our Brian Wildsmith competition: a limited edition print worth £650 of the best-selling illustrator's own unlikely duo, the parrot and jaguar who feature in his book Jungle Party.

Out of their tree: virus blamed as drunken parrots fall from sky

The staggering gait, the mood swings and the headaches will be familiar to anyone who has indulged in a big night out. But in Australia's northernmost city it is not the people who are behaving like drunks, but the native parrots, which are falling out of the sky.

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Britain's naturalised parrot now officially a pest

Britain’s naturalised parrot is now officially a pest. Forty years after it first bred on the outskirts of London, the ring-necked parakeet today joined gulls, crows and magpies on the short list of birds which can be legally shot without special permission.

Hit & Run: This show's got legs

Mrs Robinson has been through gruelling surgery which has left her unable to see out of one eye. But the facial reconstruction was a success, and given the severity of her injuries, it's a testament to the skill of her surgeons that she emerged from the operating theatre with her face intact. But she is being rather prickly about it all. Which isn't that surprising, given that Mrs Robinson is a hedgehog.