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Richard Gere and the morality of power

Nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance, the 63-year-old actor plays a billionaire broker in his new film Arbitrage. It was easy to sympathise with him, he explains

World's most beautiful – have they just noticed?

Were she not famed for her stability and ability in even the pointiest of heels, one might expect Beyoncé Knowles to be staggering under the weight of accolades piled upon her – mum of the year, protofeminist icon, and now, most beautiful person in the world.

Roy Hodgson: 'I don't want to die with my boots on'

Albion manager Roy Hodgson is 64. He won his first title in 1976 and has taken charge of 1,000 games but shows no signs of slowing down. He talks to Robin Scott-Elliot about trouble at Liverpool and the 'living hell' of relegation

Diary: Bercow calls for root 'n' branch change on trees

The 12 fig trees that beautify Portcullis House, the huge extension to the House of Commons on the far side of the road from Big Ben, may soon be uprooted. The trees have been there since the building was opened more than 10 years ago, but are not owned by Parliament. They are rented, at a basic cost of more than £30,000 a year.

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Proud and out in Beverly Hills

Matt Bomer not be a household name but news of his coming out at the weekend has been reported all over the world. Why? Because he is an actor, and many feel that if they are honest about their sexuality the number of roles available to them will be limited.