A fashion for slobbishness?

Have we - the clothes-wearers of Great Britain - let standards slide? In the early 20th century you couldn't possibly leave the house without a hat on. By 2013, it seems, you can wear whatever you feel like, wherever you go. (Like this). (Or this). Jezebel's Laura Beck, who found a Notre Dame class on America's own sartorial downfall, 'A Nation of Slobs', takes aim at lazy dressing in a post for the site today:

American will be first cyclist to ride a vegan Tour de France

The substances consumed by a professional cyclist usually make headlines for all the wrong reasons, but when America's David Zabriskie pedals away from the starting line of the Tour de France this weekend, he will also be commencing a unique nutritional experiment.

I couldn't eat another thing

Hunger tests the willpower of even the most determined dieter but, as Gillian Orr found out, you can lose weight with food that makes you feel fuller for longer

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