How to eat bacon and eggs two ways

This week in Brunch on Saturday, we get cosy in a home-from-home cafe in Winchester and give the classic bacon and eggs a twist by turning it into an easy tart

How to poach salmon

Instead of pan frying fish, a healthier way to cook it is to cover it in cold liquid, where it will be cooked evenly and given flavour from a simple stock

How to prepare a butternut squash

They’re oddly shaped, tricky to chop and are full of seeds making them a hard vegetable to get to grips with. But the Great British Chefs show how to make the best of a delicious winter staple

Persepolis cookbook recipes

The best vegetarian meals won't have you missing the meat. Try Sally Butcher's Persian-inspired dishes for all times of the day

What to cook to celebrate Chinese New Year

From the ultimate Chinese cookbook, comes Diora Fong Chan and Kei Lum Chan's recipes for chilli fish, wontons and braised ribs for the Spring Festival feast on 28 January

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Now that we are done with eating all things beige and carb related, January is the time to consume everything and anything green and packed full of vitamins

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Getting healthy does not necessarily have to mean eating less, it’s more about eating right. Nadia Damaso shares some of the nutritious recipes that get her through January