Three meat-free Indian recipes

Indian food is so vibrant and full of texture and flavour that it doesn’t always need meat for bulk – dab hand Anjum Anand shows the way with three exciting vegetarian dishes

How to make soy salmon

This delicious sweet and salty soy sauce-marinaded party dish is great whether hot or cold, says Dani Tucker

The best ways to grill lamb chops

Lamb is so versatile, yet so easy to get wrong if only a little overcooked, so grill it for the best results. The Great British Chefs use it in spicy Korean and pair it with halloumi and hummus for Middle Eastern flavours 

Knife work

Ancient Fijians ate normal meals with their hands but used a special fork to eat human flesh – in the first of a news series, we ask where do this and other rules and eccentricities come from? 

How to make beetroot spelt risotto

Kitchen masterclass: as part of our new collaboration with Leiths School of Food and Wine we put the basic skill of chopping onions into practice with a beetroo risotto

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