The new magazine for hip(ster) daddios

You're a hipster in his thirties with a beard and a kid. What are you gonna read? About hipsters in their thirties with beards and kids. That's the thinking behind Kindling Quarterly, a new magazine about fatherhood launched this week in Brooklyn (obvs).

TV review: Lightfields, ITV Food Glorious Food, ITV

"It's all right... it's just a bird," Vivien says to her daughter Clare when a large raven clatters out of the fireplace at Lightfields farm. "No it isn't," we think at home. It is a sable-feathered harbinger of dread, and the first crumb in a cascade of the uncanny that is about to fall about your ears. Oh and Clare, when your Mum said, "There were squatters here once, but they got scared off", well, I don't think it was a sternly worded legal letter that had them scrambling for the door. We've got the soundtrack to help us, of course, signalling the moments at which an empty room suddenly becomes pregnant with menace. That and one of those triple-layered time schemes that is now pretty much a guarantee of unquiet history and unlaid ghosts.

The 10 Best food memoirs

From life in a top-end New York kitchen to dinner parties at the height of the Raj, here are culinary tales to chew over...

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A History of Food in 100 Recipes, By William Sitwell

There is no shortage of food histories and even less of recipe books, but a hybrid of the two is something new. William Sitwell tackles this mammoth project with energy and wit. His 100 recipes, each accompanied by an extended commentary, range from Archestratus's fish baked in fig leaves (the directions sound like a present-day TV chef: "You could not possibly spoil it even if you wanted to") to Heston Blumenthal's fake orange made of chicken-liver parfait, which is very easy to spoil. Even if you happen to possess the skill and requisite kit, the recipe is too abbreviated to follow.