Afternoon tea recipes by Eric Lanlard

Quality snacks can make or break afternoon tea, but they needn’t cost the moon. Eric Lanlard indulges in some decadent dishes that would put grand hotels to shame

How to make a prawn pad thai

This is one of the most popular Thai noodle dishes, and mastering the recipe is all about getting the right balance of tamarind

Aqua Shard brunch review

This week in Brunch on Saturday, we review the three course menu at the Aqua Shard and try making Mimi Thorisson’s eggs piperade recipe from her French Country Cooking book

Green Kitchen at Home recipes

Vegetarian food can be quick and easy, and there’s almost a meat-free answer for anything you might miss, from cauliflower fish and chips to quinoa meatballs 

How to make béchamel sauce

The five French sauces form the backbone to modern western cooking. A béchamel sauce is the most classic of them all and is essential in a lasagne dish

How to make contemporary Mexican dishes

There’s more to Mexican food than just a kick from jalapeno and citrus limes. Paul Wilson puts his own modern twist on Central American cooking ahead of Cinco de Mayo

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