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Explore Britain's green and pleasant land, then set off around the world in search of all things bright and beautiful. Cathy Packe celebrates flower power.

You're my best budd: Why I love my 'butterfly bush'

Buddleia is almost always accidental. The so-called "butterfly bush" is one of those plants that successfully seeds itself all along every London railway line, so you can't fail to spot its purple spikes this time of year if you travel overground in the capital.

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Terence Blacker Terence Blacker: No one can be funny all the time, Ben

Ben Elton has bombed in Australia: cue mocking laughter and smug chortles. Australians, chippy at the best of times about Pom entertainers trying to make it in their country, will feel vindicated that the sketch show Ben Elton: Live From Planet Earth has been pulled after three episodes. Over here, there will be joy among the various groups of people who are happy to see Elton fail – those who feel he betrayed his lefty, alternative roots, those who found it unforgiveable that he worked with Andrew Lloyd-Webber, those simply irritated by his cheery grin and mockney accent.