'No proof' salt is bad for your health

Health officials simply say there is 'robust evidence' linking high sodium intake to higher blood pressure. But the view among the scientific community is less clear-cut, according to a new review of the studies

How bad is salt for you, really?

Francesco Cappuccio, Cephalon Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine & Epidemiology, University of Warwick and Ceu Mateus, Senior lecturer in Health Economics , Lancaster University, discuss how harmful the seasoning is 

Mussels in cider with tarragon

1–1.5kg mussels
Rapeseed oil
3 shallots, sliced into half moons
1 garlic clove, crushed under a knife and then finely sliced
250ml medium-dry cider
250ml chicken stock
100ml double cream
4 sprigs of tarragon
Sea salt
Sourdough bread, to serve

Coventry taps into mineral wealth for UK’s tastiest water

The debate about which British region boasts the tastiest tap water has finally been settled with an unlikely winner: it comes not from “hard” northern or “soft” southern waters but from the middle of Britain – in Coventry.

Wild garlic salt

This is great to use as a seasoning for meats and fish or add to a marinade for an early-summer barbecue.

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