Flaming Lips singer regrets fake grenade at airport

The frontman of the rock band The Flaming Lips, who attempted to take a replica grenade on to a domestic flight, prompting a security “lockdown” at Oklahoma City airport, has admitted he had “not quite thought” about the possible consequences of his actions.

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Fresh Uighur clashes in China leave 11 dead

Police shot dead four people yesterday in the far north-west of China, bringing to 11 the death toll in a weekend of violence in one of the country's most troubled ethnic regions.

The Sketch: A ruler who turned his country into a security state

If President Hosni Mubarak finally does go it would represent the beginning of the end for the authoritarian era in the Arab world. If he is eventually ousted it will be as important, if not more so, than the Egyptian Revolution and the overthrow of the monarchy in 1952. And it will preface one of the most critical periods of modern Egypt and the Arab world; one full of risks and possibilities. But that time was not last night.