Stephen King

When Stephen King met Lee Child

At a recent book signing by the bestsellng authors, the crowd went wild. But the two biggest fans in the room were the writers themselves.

Invisible Ink: No 76 - Muriel Gray

Fondly remembered as a TV presenter, this cropped-blonde Scot was a tough-talking broadcaster and journalist in a time of Eighties "yoof" programming, and later appeared on our screens marching up mountains, enthusing about fell walking. What few viewers suspected was that Muriel Gray had a secret life as the author of several terrific (and terrifically creepy) supernatural thrillers.

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The Passage, By Justin Cronin
Feed, By Mira Grant

Clearly, those who make the more dubious bits of public policy need to be better acquainted with the works of George Romero and Stephen King. The powers-that-be in Justin Cronin's The Passage have no idea of how to avoid being in one of those stories that does not have a happy ending. Sending expeditions to cursed South American temples in search of immortality is never a good idea; nor is injecting new viruses into death-cell prisoners and little girls.

Alan Wake: The interview

Following a recent PR event where members of the press were driven into the woods in the middle of the night, ambushed by knife wielding maniacs driven by dark forces and chased until a flare drove off our pursuers, we got chance to speak to Oskari Hakkinen, Head of Franchise Development at Remedy Entertainment, about Alan Wake.