Stephen King

The Passage, By Justin Cronin
Feed, By Mira Grant

Clearly, those who make the more dubious bits of public policy need to be better acquainted with the works of George Romero and Stephen King. The powers-that-be in Justin Cronin's The Passage have no idea of how to avoid being in one of those stories that does not have a happy ending. Sending expeditions to cursed South American temples in search of immortality is never a good idea; nor is injecting new viruses into death-cell prisoners and little girls.

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The Mist (15)

The Mist is one of the most downbeat, serious-minded dramas ever to feature gigantic tentacled aliens from another dimension. Adapted from a novella by Stephen King, it's set almost entirely in a rural New England supermarket. An unfeasibly buff artist, Thomas Jane, is stocking up with his son there one morning, when the supermarket is enveloped in a white fog, and we soon see that cheaply computer-generated beasties are lurking within it. Jane and the other shoppers lock the doors.