Steve Hilton

What's on Dave's dashboard?

David Cameron now has a special app to run the country. But what else is on his iPad? John Rentoul sneaks an iPeek

The Battle of Boris Island

The fate of hundreds of thousands of migrating birds and the environment are hanging in the balance as the future of a possible airport on the Thames estuary is argued over by the London Mayor and the Prime Minister

No 10 discloses salaries of political advisers

With the attention of the British press and public concentrated on the committee hearings at Portcullis House over the phone-hacking scandal, Downing Street chose yesterday to publish the salaries of ministerial special advisers.

Can the Big Society work?

In the first part of a three-day debate, our chief political commentator Steve Richards examines the genesis, development and ultimate misjudgment of a Coalition policy that, he argues, is doomed to fail

Pay of PM's advisers is revealed (and one of them earns more than

David Cameron's chief spin doctor, Andy Coulson, is the highest-paid political adviser in the Government, earning more than Nick Clegg and only £2,500 less than the Prime Minister. The former News of the World editor, who was drafted in to run Mr Cameron's media strategy in 2007, receives £140,000 a year as director of communications at No 10, according to Cabinet Office figures unmasking the pay given to Whitehall's army of 61 special advisers.

The Coulson question continues to dog Cameron

David Cameron's team was described by one commentator as looking like the kitchen staff, but they seem likely to stick with him in Downing Street. They are highly trusted, and will remain low profile. They have been through a lot, but all are devoted followers of their leader, and relations in his office are nothing if not cheery.

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