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Steve Jobs

Kids today! They’re so, so... kind: We’ve had wasters and

Doing good as a teenager used to mean mowing granny’s lawn or teaching English badly in a randomly selected  developing country. Then came the me-me millennials whose circuit-board brains helped propel them to overnight riches. Next up: a new generation that combines good intentions, Facebook entrepreneurialism and a desire to save humanity and/or the planet.

Supplementary pills get juice-fast diet in trouble

It is the detox diet favoured by supermodels and socialites. Natalia Vodianova, Poppy Delevingne and Tali Lennox (daughter of Annie), are all fans of the "juice fast" system which allows for supplementary pills to be eaten – and little else – over the course of three or five days.

Steve Jobs, By Walter Isaacson

It was one of the Sunday papers that got it. Not the serialisation rights to Walter Isaacson's exemplary biography of Steve Jobs (though it got that, too), but the epitome of the coarse-grained, dullard response to the story of Jobs's life. The puff on its front page read: "ACID TRIPS. WEIRD DIETS. THE DEMENTED GENIUS OF STEVE JOBS."

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