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Steven Spielberg

Is the reaction to Microsoft's Xbox One any different to Xbox 360? The

Reactions so far to last night’s unveiling of the new Xbox One have been tepid to say the least. Industry commentators and internet commenters alike have accused Microsoft of straying from their brief: failing to put gaming at the heart of their new console and concentrating too much on integrating TV.

Steven Spielberg's Lincoln captures why we love politics

It's widely said that Daniel Day Lewis is the greatest screen actor of his generation. It's also widely said that Abraham Lincoln is the greatest President in American history. Is there any relationship between these ostensibly disparate points? The New York Times' peerless David Brooks thinks so.

Richard Zanuck: Film producer responsible for hits including 'Jaws'

The son of Darryl F Zanuck, co-founder and one-time production head of 20th Century-Fox, Richard Zanuck successfully escaped his father's shadow by becoming a chief executive at Fox himself, and later producing with David Brown some of Hollywood's most profitable films, including the massive hit, Jaws (1975), which at the time was the highest grossing film ever.

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