Chairman of the board: surfer who coins boarding terms for the OED

Surfing guru Matt Warshaw is the sport/philosophy/lifestyle's chief archaeologist, its breathing encyclopaedia. He chronicles, he archives, he has written two bibles, he is now the surf consultant of the OED. Fellow wave-rider Andy Martin seeks him – and enlightenment – in Seattle

Garswood primed for glory at Goodwood

Frankel himself struggled to preserve the dignity of Glorious Goodwood last year, when obliged to compete with the London Olympics. Today the  fixture’s claims as the most charming ritual of the British Turf are threatened with dilution only by the weather forecast, which has rather too equivocal a look for the liking of either punters or aesthetes. The latter most cherish the swaying backdrop of cornfields and woodland when bathed in sunlight; while the former have more practical distaste for rain clouds.

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Tropical Storm Andrea bearing down on Florida

Tropical Storm Andrea took aim at Florida's northern Gulf Coast today and was forecast to cut across Georgia and up the US Atlantic coast, the US National Hurricane Center said.