Tony Blair

John McKee Scottish Labour need to adopt Blair's recommendations

Many in the Labour leadership will have gnashed what is left of the calcium stumps that were once their teeth when Blair conceded that Brexit has changed the case for Scottish Independence. But there is no point denying it – it patently, obviously has

John Rentoul Don’t call Donald Trump a liar

Don’t we know that Trump knows that what he’s saying is untrue? We may not be able to see into his mind, but we do have the testimony of Tony Schwartz, ghost-writer of Trump’s memoir, The Art of the Deal: ‘He lied strategically. He had a complete lack of conscience about it’

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Tony Blair is back – but is there space for him?

The rules have changed but Tony Blair’s knack for political tinkering might be exactly what the centre needs to win back power. Richard Carr takes a look at the landscape that could allow the former Prime Minister to thrive once again