Diary: Sky's the limit for Oliver

Alleged hip-hop fan and Downing Street spin chief Craig Oliver doubtless enjoyed a few fist bumps with colleagues yesterday, following the televisual feast that was the No 10 barbecue. Oliver – a former BBC employee – is renowned primarily as a "pictures man", and a shirt-sleeved Dave and Barry serving burgers to servicemen was perhaps the most striking image he has generated since joining the PM's staff (or at least since his first day, when he graced the press corps with this classic, right). Yet the course of media handling never did run smooth and Oliver made at least one influential hack unhappy yesterday. Sky News political correspondent Glen Oglaza was giddy with excitement after being assigned the opening question of the post-BBQ press conference, only to have it snatched from him cruelly at the last moment by Oliver's shiny-domed BBC chum Nick Robinson.

Tips and deals of the week: 19/12/2010

Bargain breaks in Sharm el-Sheikh

One of the inevitable heavy discounts on holidays to the Egyptian resort is being offered by directline holidays. It has cut 40 per cent off prices, with seven nights now available from £208, including return flights and B&B in a four-star hotel.

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Children's TV ban for Lenny Henry 'axe' ad

An advert parodying horror film The Shining in which comedian Lenny Henry attacks a door with an axe was banned during children's programming, a watchdog said today.

The Big Six: Hotels for petrolheads

From a converted 100-year-old warehouse just a kick start from the Harley-Davidson Museum to a Surrey hotel built on the site of the iconic Brooklands racing circuit...

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48 hours in: Bath

The Roman Baths are at the heart of this Unesco World Heritage city, which also boasts genteel parks and a boutique shopping area. Charlotte Hindle dips her toes into its cultural waters