Ignore food fads and remember: only one rule matters

Let me state categorically: I adore meat. I love all vegetables and I eat any fish I catch. Anything that’s had a decent life, from grouse to cavalo nero, from my home-grown swedes to a locally reared, well-hung rib of beef, I will eat

Veganism 2.0: Let them eat kale

The plant-based diet is winning new recruits, from pop stars to restaurateurs. Susie Mesure reports on a green revolution

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Mary McCartney: The photographer talks vegetarianism, childhood chips

My earliest food memory Watching my mum [Linda McCartney] preparing family meals. The kitchen was the social hub of our home, where we'd meet, talk and eat. I'd watch her make a cream of tomato soup, when the tomatoes were at their plumpest. She'd add onions and mushrooms and blend them all together into this gorgeous hearty soup. I can still remember the beautiful smells.