Victoria Beckham

Tangerine Dream - spring/summer 2016 is looking golden

Orange is the power colour of spring/summer 2016, thanks to a whole bunch of designers favouring the fruity hue. Approach with caution, advises Sarah Young - but use it right, and you’re guaranteed to make an unforgettable impact.

Farewell to Girls Aloud - see you at the reunion in another five

Farewell to Girls Aloud, who have decided to go their separate ways. The split, although devastating to some, will likely have been met by many with the same reaction that greeted the news that Westlife had split, ie.: “I didn’t know they were still together.”

Tracey Emin performs a spectacular hat-trick

There used to be a habit, among ladies who didn’t wear hats very often, of putting the said number too far back on their heads. Wedding parties could be recognised by the number of coloured acrylic wide brims teetering backwards.

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